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5 Top Tips for Styling Silk Scarves

Written by Bianca Elgar


Posted on July 16 2019

Here are 5 styling tips using my unique silk scarves to transform your look.

We are all becoming increasingly aware of cost of too many new clothes – not simply to our purses, but to the planet. There is such an abundance of what is now known as ‘fast fashion’ available but we end up filling our wardrobes to bursting point or consigning barely worn pieces to landfill. With my unique and luxurious heirloom silk scarves I promise you can add that bit of glam and ‘je ne sais quoi’.  Plus, silk is ideal for holidays as it so light to pack (see here for my top tips on packing silk).

I’m willing to bet that you have some beautiful pieces already but perhaps want to put a new spin on them and style them in a way that says 2019. My collection was designed specifically for this purpose, to make versatile style statements out of simple basic good quality pieces – my own Ava tunic dress is a classic shape and totally adaptable – one way offers a higher neck whilst showing off a tanned back and worn the other way allows you to take full advantage of a deeper V neck. Plus, there are loops around the neckline which make scarf styling a breeze. 

Ava Tunic DressAva Tunic Dress with Threads scarfAva Tunic Dress

However, my scarves will update just about anything in your wardrobe: a classic little black dress, a favourite suit, a summery top and skirt – even your favourite jeans! 

Here are my top 5 looks - my favourite picks!

1.  Headwraps – so current, so glamorous and easy to try

My medium sized scarves are the perfect size for creating glamourous headwraps (I’m thinking the classics - Grace Kelly, Jane Birkin and more contemporary Rhianna and Nadiya Hussain). Of course, they add style points to any outfit simply by tying around the neck but did you know you can easily fashion them into a halter neck top, again by using a skinny scarf (or a small scarf) to secure around the collarbone.

Bianca Elgar Medium Silk Scarf

2. Use a skinny scarf to add a pop of colour to anything

Perhaps one of my most versatile pieces, the skinny scarf. I don’t know where to start with this one! Use a skinny scarf to tie up your hair, wear a skinny scarf around your waist as a sash or to belt up trousers or jeans, bow a skinny scarf around your neck, adorn a plain hat or bag.

Bianca Elgar Skinny scarf as beltBianca Elgar skinny scarf as necktieBianca Elgar skinny scarf as head bandBianca Elgar Skinny Scarf as HeadtieBianca Elgar Skinny Scarf as belt

3. A large over-sized silk scarf can transform into just about anything

My large scarves are a generous 130cm2of finest silk. They can take you from day to night, protect you from the midday sun and give glamourous warmth in the evening. One of my favourite ways to style a large scarf is by tying two corners together horizontally, which forms a bolero (slip your arms through so that the knot sits at the base of your spine). I also like wear a large scarf as a sarong-style skirt with a complementary t-shirt or vest. I sometimes wear my large scarves as a halter-neck dress – just knot one of my skinny scarves around the collar to secure it firmly in place.

Bianca Elgar Large Silk Square as skirt

4. Sexy but sophisticated – wear silk on bare skin with my oblong scarf

At 160cm, my oblong scarf is large enough to cross over the body and tie together at the back. This works well with this season’s suiting love affair and looks striking with or – if you’re daring to bear – without a top underneath. I also like seeing them worn as ties, cravats or sashes – on men or women.

Bianca Elgar Oblong scarf

5. Try a sleeve scarf to nail the assymetric trend

My Sleeve Scarf adds an eye-catching asymmetrical statement to your favourite dress or top. Cover one arm  in exquisite print or with a quick turnaround, it can be worn as a sash, emphasising the waist. The tapered ends offer a choice of styling options: tied loosely or made into bows.

Bianca Elgar sleeve scarf

Photography by Ian Wallman
Model Laura Shuckburgh 
Hair and Makeup by Brothers Oxford Salons 
Shoes Joseph Azagury 



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