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A Summer of Creative Collaborations 2018

Written by Bianca Elgar


Posted on September 07 2018

After a glorious summer the days are getting shorter, that nip is back in the air and the spiders are working hard on fabricating their webs in every corner of my home. I find myself reflecting back on a wonderful few months of working not only on my fashion collection and statement pieces for the home (see featured image for teasers) but – perhaps most importantly – on building a collaborative creative network in my adopted home-town of Oxford.

In the office, I am surrounded by a team of very talented creatives: together we work on a shared vision and share the same values for creating a beautiful, unique, quality brand with a sense of integrity. Our philosophy is that great design is the key to success and this ideal is reflected in all that we do.

However, this was a summer for getting out and about, and I’ve spent it meeting up with other like-minded creatives to talk about how we could help each other instead of us all beavering away in our own studios and offices. I thought it would be good to work on some projects together and/or to share resources and knowledge, tapping into each other’s' strengths and creating something new and exciting for our beloved city. 

In July’s OX Magazine I talked about how important stories are, how special it is to tell our own stories, but also how powerful it can be to share them. To be able to do that collaboratively, to work on things together...well, that is true alchemy.

One such collaboration is in the form of a fashion show, specifically, The Real Oxford Fashion Show on 28th September, sponsored by OX Magazine.  I’ll be showing my prize-winning prints from The Language of Flowers collection, along with pieces from my versatile capsule wardrobe.  The Show is being held at the BMW/Mini Plant in East Oxford (how fabulous??) and is in aid of the homeless charity St Mungos. Tickets here and if you’re coming do come and say hello!

Another collaboration I’m very excited about is with the stylish Liscious Interiors, with whom I will be working to create exclusive prints and products for the Home accessories collection. I can’t wait to get started and will be sharing them with you as soon as possible.

And there’s more! This week I am really excited about yet another project which will bring together a group of creatives to form a diverse community of people passionate about change. We are hoping to form a platform for individuals who would like to inspire, to be inspired and to work together, to see significant problems as opportunities for entrepreneurial solutions, and to show that knowledge, skills and creative thinking can transform lives and create real impact.  If this sounds like you, and you’re based in or around Oxford, get in touch and perhaps we can start telling stories together.

Watch this space, there’s a lot going on…

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