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Blue + Yellow = Green.

Written by Bianca Elgar


Posted on May 21 2020

I’ve been getting green inspiration from Matisse, my home and during the fabulous sunny days outside. I’ve been working on my Spring Summer 2021 collection and watched lots of colour forecasting presentations, what is clear, green is going to be important, from an ecological point of view and colour wise. I wonder if green is going to be the new black in fashion….

I am inspired by art and in particular Matisse, his use of colours, palettes and style. For instance, Green Stripe or Portrait of Madame Matisse,  Lydia Delectorskaya and Laurette in a Green Robe, Black Background, groundbreaking during his time.

I enjoyed watching the BBC film called “Becoming Matisse”.

 And closer to home is my back garden, for some home-grown greens.

How green is my garden!

When the yellow sun is out on a blue-sky day, green is at its most vibrant.

And at the moment, my garden has so many different shades of green growing in it, from chartreuse to the darkest almost black/green, it’s a heaven of inspiration.

With this mixture of Blue and Yellow, Green is certainly the most familiar colour, soothing, natural and peaceful, but getting the right green for my next Capsule Collection has been a bit of a challenge.

Inspiration at home.

Thank goodness it is asparagus season!

For me to really understand a colour and to see if it works, I prefer mixing it myself. In fact, for me to love it, the colour would almost need to be edible.

Ok, so I’ve made a start, darkest green first.

I’ll be printing these on unbleached cotton, for some big statement lampshades (for the large bases I’ve been working on), and some smaller ones for bottles, as these come in so many different shades of green, I’d like to try out a few different combinations in my prints.

So, I do hope to find one perfect Green for my fashion collection by printing fabric for lampshades, yes, it sounds nuts…. But as the Genie from my lamp once said;

"Right here for your very much wish-fulfilment. Thank you."












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