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Why is it Important to Create a Professional Working Woman's Wardrobe

Written by Bianca Elgar


Posted on June 22 2017

Time is one thing that is always in short supply for today’s successful business women each morning, as we juggle our home and work demands we face the same early morning challenge “what will I wear today?”

As a business woman and designer, I understand the importance of these choices. Our outfit is an opportunity to express ourselves in the business environment. We want to feel comfortable in what we wear, whilst at the same time feeling appropriately dressed and having a look that can successfully transition from the business day to an evening event.

Our outfit is also the first impression others get of us when we meet and so we have to consider the message we want our look to convey. In a more corporate environment it may be understated elegance and in the creative industry it may be a representation of innovative and individual style. The colours we chose can also influence our mood and confidence, as written in this article by the Huffington post.

Preparing our minds for the business day ahead is as critical a part of our day as is choosing our outfit. If we feel confident in what we wear then we are likely to be more positive in our engagement with others, more confident in delivering important speeches/ pitches, negotiating business deals, handling a difficult conversation and reacting the unexpected positively. 

But let’s be honest: Who has the time and budget to put together a new outfit for each working day which is capable of transitioning from day to night? And who has mastered a travel wardrobe which gives us flexibility each day in what we wear and can still sit inside our carry-on luggage?

So how did I approach the challenge? By creating a luxury range of statement silk scarves in a variety of designs, sizes and colours intended to give you versatility and positive energy for each business day.

The shapes, sizes and colours of my scarves allow you to instantly transform, refresh and renew any outfit and take a small capsule wardrobe of outfits you love and create a variety of fresh looks to give the illusion of a much larger and evolving wardrobe.

Outfit Details:

Orange Flowers Summer Small Square Scarf

 Multicolour Summer Small Square Scarf

Clarendon Silk Tube Top

 Each of us has our own style and I look forward to see how you wear them. Share your outfits with me on Instagram.



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