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Top Tips to Create a Work Wardrobe Between Seasons

Written by Bianca Elgar


Posted on September 05 2017

September is a month of wardrobe reflection. On its good days you are holding onto the last days of summer in your lightweight summer clothes, however on the darker mornings you are reaching for a warm jacket. It is also a time of year when you can take stock of our wardrobe and see how prepared you are for the changing season. Here are some tips to help you get off on the right foot:

Know the Work’s Dress Code

Remember it’s more important to look appropriate than it is to be trendy. Take time to understand what your company means by business casual. You want to stand out for your talent rather than your outfit. If in doubt it’s important to ask.

Do an Inventory

At the end of each season, take time to have a good look at your work clothes to create a strong capsule wardrobe. Think about the colours and styles that complement you. Get a friend involved who will help you make good choices. Donate pieces. Refresh staples you love by wearing differently and/or with fun accessories and/or accent pieces. 

Keep the Good Stuff

Make sure that whatever you keep fits properly. If alterations are needed, invest in them - it’s will be cheaper than buying new clothes.

Shop Smart

Shop smart by purchasing just two new items for the season ahead. A great fitting black dress and a pair of flats will satisfy almost any dress code. Teamed with a statement accessory it’s versatile for the changing weather, worn with a light jacket on warmer days or with boots and tights on colder ones. If you already have these pieces in your wardrobe or your budget is tight pick up a few statement accessories to revitalise your look.

Looking Fresh

If you do not have the time or budget to shop for new pieces, you can wear the same black blazer, black skirt/trousers and crisp white blouse. The secret to looking fresh… always make sure what you are wearing is clean, pressed and tailored. People won't notice if you wear the same item often, but they will notice if your clothes are wrinkled and stained.

Less is More

Make a single statement, with bold lip and/or nail colour, a scarf, jewellery and shoes.



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