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Threads: The New Silk Scarf

Written by Bianca Elgar


Posted on June 20 2019

The Environmental Impact of Fashion

The Environmental Audit Committee’s report to UK Government on the deleterious impact of fast fashion has been roundly rejected (see here for BBC news story).  It was argued that initiatives are already in place to address the growing threat created by landfill or incineration of outdated or unsold stock and of artificial fibres entering our marine environment. 

However fast fashion continues to dominate the high street and online...I have long been championing a more sustainable approach. 

In my latest print design, ‘Threads’, I have tried to demonstrate something truly meaningful.

Threads Medium Silk Scarf - Bianca Elgar

My design is...inspired by the art of preserving, piecing, stitching, mending and recycling our fabrics.

Textiles - symbols of wealth and status that have been traded across continents for centuries - are key to unravelling complex cultural narratives.  My design recognises our history, inspired by the art of preserving, piecing, stitching, mending and recycling our fabrics.  Prior to this century there was a pride and skill involved in piecing together strips and fragments of fabric to form new cloth. The price of cloth was more expensive so textiles would be passed through the generations, to be patched or mended (or repurposed and upcycled to use the modern vernacular!). This in itself is a form of art, which highlights preservation and the importance of reuse and recycling. Today, the end product is the focus, rather than the construction of the fabric from its raw material.

As a designer, I believe it is critical to change the mindset...

and Threads hopefully communicates my determination to challenge this. The intent is to showcase my inspiration from history and British heritage. All my scarves are printed and hand finished in Macclesfield, Cheshire, United Kingdom.

All of my designs are created to make a statement and celebrate style over trend.  I don’t create seasonal collections but instead encourage investment in versatile pieces which can be loved, and will be worn again and again with great pride.

Close up of ThreadsClose up threads

All of my designs are available as limited collections.  To buy Threads, a medium sized square scarf of purest, most luxurious, or for more information click here.



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