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Style Resilience, two tips for bad hair days.

Written by Bianca Elgar


Posted on June 04 2020

Having bad hair days in lockdown?

Well, I do!

Whether you're worried about your roots, dodgy hairstyle, frizz, split ends or just greasy locks, here are some style tips to get you looking tip top for your video calls and first outings, (with social distancing of course).



Your hair saviour = a silk scarf. It’s the perfect hair accessory! It’s all about strategic tying and there are lots of styles to choose from. They make fabulous hair accessories and head wraps. Choose one that complements your outfit.

Switch up your Zoom or video-call hairstyle by wrapping a scarf around your head, for some style projection and/or sun protection. They add flair to whatever outfit you’re wearing, yes even your jimjams!

Plus, they are on trend, a win-win!

  1. The Large Scarf cover-up

 Oblong or a square, folded or twisted, tied or bowed up, on the top of your head or at the back of your neck.

Chic, no? These scarves are available through my Etsy site


  1. The Skinny Scarf cover-up

Tied to a ponytail, worn as a hairband, bowed up, tied up or worn like a bandana, this skinny piece of silk will cover a multitude of sins.

Some more scarf styling tips in my styling guides

If your hair is slippery and your head isn't headband-shaped, here are a few tips to get your head scarves to stay put;

    1. Secure with some hair slides or use a wide (plastic or elastic) headband to provide a base for you to tuck in the edges of the scarf after you tie it on.
    2. To help prevent slippery hair, try using texturising spray, powder, gel or putty, but any dry shampoo should definitely give your hair more grip.

 So, were you wondering what I look like in a video or Zoom call? Here are some looks I've created to give you some more inspiration. This scarf is available through my Etsy shop.

A few of Bianca's rare selfie pouts, ready to Zoom.

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Keep well and carry on being stylishly resilient!




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