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Wear a scarf in summer? WHAT A GREAT IDEA!

Written by Bianca Elgar


Posted on June 15 2017



Don’t forget the golden summer fashion rules, Summer, Sun and Scarf!

Too hot I hear you say? Well I’m so excited to tell you that this year’s summer style…is a gorgeous silk scarf!

A scarf is so much more than an essential year-round fashion accessory. They are in fact an ideal summer ‘must have’, not only to dress up your business outfit, but also on your days off, with perhaps a pair of jeans; a dazzling silky belt and/or a creative scarf top, with your swimwear; a sophisticated cover-up, or something ‘on trend’ for your summer hair, the possibilities are almost endless!



Need some inspiration?

Just look at our collection of summer scarf styles. See the styles, enjoy the vibrant colours and remember to pack some scarves in your bag or suitcase on your travels.  A brand-new summer outfit, every single day.



More to come!

There will be more creative ideas coming soon, but in the meantime have a look at our styling videos.



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