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What is 'Carissa' modular jewellery?

Written by Bianca Elgar


Posted on August 23 2017

A new colourful, unique, transformative and statement, magnetic modular jewellery line
Can be used as a brooch, to style scarves, or worn as statement earrings



Never get holes in your favourite outfit again, this beautiful accessory has strong magnetic fastening
I have been making statement jewellery for years, mainly for myself. I like bold accessories that I can wear in lots of different ways, which is why I’ve created the Carissa modular jewellery collection, to share with you that chic finishing touch to a capsule wardrobe collection. The name is inspired by the words; character, grace, charisma, cherish.
Firmly attached to the back of one part is a very strong magnet that will adhere to the metal side. Attach to your garment, handbag, scarf, or virtually wherever you want it to be, that is, until you choose to remove it.


If this is your first foray into magnets, welcome to the exquisite world of Carissa. These are an innovative, stylish and secure way to keep your brooch or earring where ever you want it to be! No more pins to fumble with or pinholes to ruin your clothes or scarves. Carissa can be used as a stylish accent on your earlobes, clothing, scarves, hats and handbags.


Let your imagination be your guide
Carissa is made with quality magnets and metal discs on the back of each shape as opposed to the traditional pin or clasp. Carissa will not damage or put holes in your clothing and will keep attached to virtually any type of clothing, from denim to suede, wool, leather to silk. They will not come off until you remove them.
Carissa is easy to use:
• With your thumb, gently pull or SLIDE off the bottom from the top.
• Position anywhere convenient on top of your clothing and place the back beneath. The 2 portions of the Carissa will immediately bond together to create a secure attachment.

CAUTION: If you are pregnant or wear a pacemaker or other medical equipment, please consult your physician before wearing any jewellery containing magnetic parts. Keep magnets away from children and items that can be affected by magnets such as credit cards, computers and pacemakers. Do not wear as an earring if you are sensitive or allergic to metal.
This magnetic, unique and versatile jewellery is handmade in the UK. These distinctive and stylish brooches/earrings will complement many outfits and are sure to be noticed. The shapes are made from eye-catching acrylic shapes. This statement pair (one small and one large set) are presented in a signature black and silver Bianca Elgar gift box, making them a delightful gift for many and especially compliment the Bianca Elgar scarf fans.


We will be launching our full range of Carissa earrings on 1st September 2017 - be sure to pop back to our website to take a look!