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  • How many muses does a designer and/or artist need?

    How many muses does a designer...

    To be able to work on ideas and products I need inspiration, collaborations, people and the odd muse or two or three…

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  • Inspired

    Inspired by my muse/cat Snoesje’s lovely red embroidered “vision cushion”, see last week's blog, I decided to make up my own red for this week’s Quarantine Creations. I adore red,...

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  • Focus, Hocus-pocus?

    Focus, Hocus-pocus?

    Words are often not enough to describe; a vision, ideas or feelings, but mood and vision boards can be the closest thing to getting in touch with what is going...

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  • What is creativity? (And the Art...

    “Creativity; The use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness”.

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    What is creativity? (And the Art of dressing-up bottles)
  • Staying creative together.

    Staying creative together.

    This week's inspiration from my studio.

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