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Homage Event in aid of Alzheimer’s Society

Written by Bianca Elgar


Posted on June 05 2019

We have created and donated a silk kimono, a sleeved scarf, a large and a skinny scarf for the Homage Fashion Charity event, in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society at the Bushmills distillery.     

Homage Fashion Charity Show is being held at the Old Bushmills Whiskey Distillery on Saturday 4th November 2017 and will be a wonderful evening of 'Whiskey, Fashion and Rock n Roll' with live music from The Undertones and Tim Wheeler, and a runway show. 

An auction and raffle will be held to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society. 

For anyone who wishes to watch us live at Homage on the evening of 4th November, the fantastic @Lsfxproductions will be bringing the event live via livestream.

Click in for the countdown: 



“The collection was inspired by love, Victorian history and has a 60s and 70s colourful twist”. 

Bianca had first-hand experience of having a family member with dementia.
“All around me, I see friends cope with family members with dementia whilst holding onto their careers, jobs and personal life. It saddens me to see them parent and nurse their parents” she said.
Lou Gillet has created the ‘Belle Toi’ contemporary silver range for Atlantic DESIGN StudiO in collaboration with fashion designer Bianca Elgar for the HOMAGE fashion show in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society.  “Alzheimer’s affects people in many ways and at different stages in their lives. Inspired by Bianca’s Forget-me-not prints from her ‘Language of Flowers’ print collection, the jewellery designs explore how beauty of an original form can still shine when some aspects change or are lost; hence the name ‘Belle Toi’ (Beautiful You). 
In addition, Lou has created the #AngelsROCK range. “Initially inspired by the HOMAGE LOGO Angel Wings, the #AngelsROCK range pays homage to the caring Angels that surround people with long-term illnesses, helping them through life. They often say they aren’t Angels, but they really are. Having a long-term condition, myself, I know how challenging everyday life can be. But my partner and daughter have always been there for me . . . they truly are my Angels”. 
“The new range seeks to capture the strength, bond, compassion and kindness of Angels caring for those in need. It could be parents, siblings, friends, medics and carers, whatever the combination might be. 
So, thank you Angels. Your patient, kind, humble work does not go unnoticed. #AngelsROCK.”

#AngelsROCK Collection

Belle Toi Collection

Lou Gillett has been designing and making silver jewellery, initially as a hobby, for over 20 years and is based on the North Antrim Coast. 

Atlantic Design Studio was set up to expand her love of designing and creating unique pieces.  Influenced by her training as an architect, Lou’s passion is to explore a material’s potential to create pieces that are both stylish and contemporary. Constantly inspired by forms and relationships between objects, her work is created using traditional processes. 
Her work has been displayed in several magazines including BRIDES, Northern Women, GQ, and VOGUE UK. Lou has also been involved in exhibitions and fashion shows collaborating with several fashion designers and stylists. 

Atlantic DESIGN Studio has recently acquired
a UK registered hallmark.

Visit where examples of Lou’s work can be seen.



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