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3 ways to wear my tube tops

Written by Bianca Elgar


Posted on December 06 2017

“These things you ought to bear in mind always: buy good things only and never be afraid of wearing them too often or of not ‘being in style.’ If you have good clothes, in good taste, you will always be chic and you can ignore passing fads”

Elsa Schiaparelli (1890-1973) - Italian fashion designer



In these modern days of throwaway fashion, this is good advice.

I used to have a problem with wearing something too often. But since investing in a quality capsule wardrobe, I want to wear my things over and over. That was the point of the investment, right? Plus, this is the way I create my signature look. (I have a good collection of colourful bold accessories that I’ve been wearing for years, people recognize these as my signature).

The trick is to stay with simple shapes that never really go out of fashion, add some statement accessories to add pizzazz and personality.

Do I get bored with the same old things? No! It’s almost like a magical wardrobe, only better because it’s familiar and I know it works. 

The Bianca Elgar Tube Top can be worn as a top, a scarf or a bolero.

A tube top is a great investment piece, easy to wear and easy to pack. It is made from 100% High Quality Twill Silk. You can wear it in a variety of ways:

  • As a tube top with large kimono-style sleeves
  • As a bolero with the centre section slung over the shoulders
  • As a scarf wrapped around the neck


Here are some ideas:






Thank you to David Pearce Photography and model Kelly