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How to Pack Silk for Travel

Written by Bianca Elgar


Posted on July 06 2017

Last week I had a conversation about the versatility of my Capsule Wardrobe Collection and I was asked, as a travelling business woman, how do I pack silk?

Silk items are strategic wardrobe items to pack when taking business trips and vacations. This is because silk can be easily cleaned by hand and has a quick drying time. Silk items also allow travellers with limited suitcase space to have an item available that can be worn in a variety of formal and informal settings.

1. Iron everything before packing

Sometimes I use  a bit of spray starch to make folding a bit easier. Do the roll-up thing with most of your luggage, but I prefer to fold silk scarves, tops, dresses and skirts using white tissue paper and packing them in an A3 zipped bag/ document wallet, which you can pick up at any stationary store. Try to layer silk items on top of each other, then lay the zipped-up bag flat on the bottom of your suitcase.

This is how I would pack a scarf:

2. Fold lengthwise rather than crosswise.

This way, wrinkles are less visible and drop out quicker once the item is hung up. Also, fold it in thirds rather than in half (in the way t-shirts are folded in stores) - this will make any vertical lines less obvious. To pack a silk blouse, fold the sleeves crosswise across the front of the blouse.


This is how I would pack a silk top:


For both, I would place them in the base of your suitcase to keep them flat:


Be sure to unpack right away and hang it up in the shower to steam when you arrive.

3. Don't be afraid of silk.

It is very resilient, and much easier to care for than you may imagine. Silk is not only a soft and luxurious fabric but also very strong and insulating. When you pack a scarf for your trip, make sure it is big enough to cover you up for when it gets a bit chilly.

Our 130cm large scarves can be styled into skirts, tops and dresses, have a look at some of our styling videos.



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