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Passion Flower Mother's Day Gift Set - Bianca Elgar
Passion Flower Skinny Scarf - Bianca Elgar
Carissa Circles in Violet - Bianca Elgar
Bianca Elgar - Love Magnet
Bianca Elgar

Passion Flower
Mother's Day Gift Set

£60.00 GBP £80.00 GBP


In a choice of three print colour ways, each set consists of a pure silk skinny scarf, a set of Carissas (versatile modular magnetic jewellery which can be used as a scarf fastener, a brooch or in the ear) and includes a magnetic ‘Love’ print postcard, all wrapped up in Bianca Elgar’s exclusive gift wrap.


  • Passion flower with violet Carissa Circles, boxed and wrapped £60


Each box will come hand-wrapped in exclusive Language Of Flowers paper and a magnetic LOVE card.

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