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Men Three Sided Skinny Scarf - Bianca Elgar
Men Three Sided Skinny Scarf - Bianca Elgar

Bianca Elgar

Men - Three Sided Skinny Silk Scarf



My award-winning Three Sided Skinny Scarves give three silkscreen print designs in one!

Inspired by re-imagined African masks with a mid-century vibe, you choose whether to showcase the light blue, the ochre or the rich rust-red coloured background, each with black detail.

This lightweight, easy-to-style scarf is a wonderful way to experiment with wearing colour and print. From bowing up around the neck or wrist or wearing as a hairband, to tying around the strap of your favourite handbag or the loop of your best jeans - this length of silk can truly inspire your inner stylist.

Play with the three different sides to create your own individual look.

Washing Instructions:

Dry clean only.


Dimensions: 3cm x 135cm x 10cm


Designed and Made in Britain.

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