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Men Oblong Scarf - Bianca Elgar
Men Oblong Scarf Full Length - Bianca Elgar
Men Oblong Scarf Folded - Bianca Elgar
Bianca Elgar

Men - Oblong Silk Scarf

£145.00 GBP

Silkscreen print design re-imagined African masks with a mid-century vibe. Designs in black on a background of rich rust-red, ochre and vivid blues.

Printed on pure, luxurious silk with rich pigment, it will imbue your look with a dash of art.

100% Silk Twill. 

Edges are finely pin hemmed.

Wear it your way:

  • draped over your shoulders or neck
  • around the head, turban style
  • as a belt or cummerbund


Kindly note that these prints are digitally printed from original silk screen art designs, the prints look unique and have colour variations due to the nature of the design.

Washing Instructions:

Dry clean only.


Dimensions: 40cm X 160cm

Sickle Cell Society

10% of proceeds will go to
Sickle Cell Society.