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Bianca Elgar is an inspiring designer and versatile fashion collection which includes ready to wear scarves, skirts and dresses along with elegant tops. Our intention has been to create high quality, exclusive clothing for women. The collections are inspired by the love for creativity, the expression of individuality and a passion for high quality craftsmanship, described in two simple words: “Wearable Art”.

 Our scarves are made using the highest quality silk with deep ink penetration to show the vivid colours and print designs on both sides of the scarf. Each item is finished by hand. The versatile shapes of the scarves present infinite styling opportunities. The vibrantly coloured or monochrome designs bring a splash of eye-catching silkscreen print art to any outfit.

 The new Ava black tunic-dress, featuring innovative neckline loops, allows all scarves to be styled easily, to create a perfect harmony between a capsule piece and a unique accessory.

The brand’s most unique aspect is its supreme versatility. With our range of scarves,  tops, skirts and dresses (with unique styling loops) we've make it simple to personalize any look.

We are proud to work with suppliers and manufacturers all over the country. Expertly crafted with delicate pin-hem stitching and attention to detail, the Bianca Elgar collections are 100% British. 

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