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The brand is inspired by the love of creativity and the expression of individuality, including a passion for high quality craftsmanship. Bianca has a lifelong passion for art and printed fabrics as well as elegant versatile well-made clothes and accessories described in two words “Wearable Art”.

The entire collection comprises of silk scarves, tops and skirts and a Modal tunic dress. We only use the best of British suppliers, thereby supporting the British Textile and Fashion industry. There are three major elements, which make the name Bianca Elgar a very innovative and desirable collection amongst the “must have”! They are; art, versatility and top quality. By having fun with this versatile luxury clothing and accessories collection, every woman can elegantly show off their artistic flair and look fabulous at the same time.

Art: Each scarf is a piece of artwork, with a great detail given to the combination of colours as well as to the modern printed patterns. Whether worn or framed, widely open, folded or simply rolled around you neck or over your shoulder it resembles a work of art. Behind each item of the collection there is a long process of research from a great team of people to combine the right colours for each piece. Every pattern is sought after with great attention to detail to make sure that each item is as perfect as it can be.

Versatile: The collection comprises various scarf shapes from small to large, from squared to rectangular, the skinny and our unique three sided skinny, allowing each person to adapt it in many different ways, variable and changeable.

The dresses are designed with neckline loops to give each woman the possibility of wearing the Bianca Elgar scarves in many more ways and personalize their look making it unique, elegant and different every time you wear it. This gives versatility every time you wear our collection making your purchase a long-term investment. 

Some of the articles are double sided, again creating further options on how you wear it each time.

Quality: The essential and distinctive characteristic of the Bianca Elgar collection is attributed to quality. Quality of silk, design and its’ finishing details. A new brand name entirely well made and well designed to a very high end.

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