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I believe that creativity, the use of imagination, original ideas, innovation, integrity and keeping a sense of fun will make this world into a better place.

Passionate about art and textiles, I create fashion and lifestyle collections.

I choose to use natural, sustainable materials and have created innovative ways to develop products which adhere to the following three maxims:

Heirloom Quality – My products are made to last. With a little care they are ultimately tough and resilient, this means that they will last season after season.

Versatility – I passionately believe in the merits of a capsule wardrobe. Great quality, classic pieces made seasonal and relevant by clever use of accessories.

Sustainable – I strive to use recyclable, sustainable materials in everything we do, from packaging to product and only work with suppliers who have a similar ethos.
Exquisite design meets expert craftsmanship, with all items created in the UK to support British manufacturing and innovation. My style-led statement pieces represent timeless luxury.

Bianca Elgar - Silke Scarves & Luxury Statement Pieces

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