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Q+A with Bianca Elgar

What would you consider to be the biggest difference between interior design and fashion?

How fast fashion is, I like well-made, versatile investment pieces that can be   treasured . One wouldn’t throw out a piece of art hanging on a wall just because it’s not “fashionable”. I like good quality elegant basics that can be styled in different ways, designed to work for you.

Who are the women you design for?

Women of all ages, shapes and sizes. A woman who enjoys the expression of individuality, is inspired by the love for creativity, and cares for high quality craftsmanship.

Who/what are the inspirations behind your pieces?

The first collection was inspired by the Ashmolean Museum of Oxford, where I’ve lived for more than twenty years. This collection is bold in colour and print, with more than a touch of modern and naïve art.

The “Out of Africa” collection was created after a short break in Marrakesh, which reminded me of my time in Africa during my early twenties. I like African masks and shields as they play such a major part in most African cultures. The colours and the prints are more subtle and show off the art of the silkscreen print.

What are the ethos and core values behind your label?

Quality, not quantity. Less is more. Luxury isn’t what you see; it is how it makes you feel. My passion for expressing creativity and individuality are the driving forces behind the brand. We enjoy creating unique pieces of wearable art that can be paired with versatile, comfortable clothing of the highest quality.

It is art, versatile and of top quality.

What does ‘style’ mean to you?

Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it. When you feel happy in your skin and what you wear, it shows your style.

What makes you want get up in the morning?

I have found a business that merges my passions for print and art. I believe we are all put on earth to make a difference and this is the way in which I want to make a difference.

What do you wish you'd done differently in your career?

Honestly, nothing. I would make the same mistakes again, because I learned so much along the way and all the experiences have made me what I am today.




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